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‘Women, what’s something men say that they think is okay but is actually creepy as hell?’ 17 proper no-nos

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus and all that, but by the look of some of the responses here, some of these idiots are from an entirely different solar system.

It all started when Redditor Mirabooo asked women about the ‘normal’ things men say that are actually super creepy.

‘Women, what’s something men say that they think is okay but is actually creepy as hell?’

And while there can be no doubt that every single one of these is indeed as creepy as hell, we’re struggling to get our head round how some men – any man – can think of them as normal.


‘When I was pregnant, there was regular at the restaurant I worked at who would always tell me he knew I wished it was his baby.

‘Creepy and also no, sir.’


‘I was trying to sell something on market place and he messaged me and said “do you come with it?” Thank you for being creepy BEFORE I gave you my address for pick up sir.’


“I like a challenge”. I know it can be flirty. However, it’s usually said by the guy who isn’t accepting that you’ve turned him down. Now it comes off as predatory.’


“Where’s my hug?”

“Aisle 3”


‘I had a guy tell me I’d be the hottest girl in the place if I took off my glasses. I told him I’d gladly remove them, if it meant I’d never see his creeper face again but, sadly my vision isn’t that bad.’


“If I was 20 years younger…”

‘So creepy. If you were 20 years younger I’d still avoid you at all costs.’


“You’re pretty for a _____.” Fill in the blank with any possible description. Creepy and insulting.

‘Honking or shouting from a moving vehicle. We literally have a song about how much we hate guys who do this. Take the hint.’



‘I’ll never forget the time I was taking the trash out at the end of my shift (restaurant). It was summer, we had just survived a brunch shift, and this man told me “you should smile.” Without missing a beat I told him to eat my shit. He didn’t like it.‍♀️’


‘Not something they say, but them not getting out of the way/not letting you pass them even if it’s playful.’