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The great David Morrissey wondered where his legs got to in this picture and it’s a hilarious head-scratcher

We love the fabulous actor David Morrissey in basically everything he’s ever done – State of Play, Blackpool, The Walking Dead, The Deal, the Red Riding Trilogy (okay, we weren’t so keen on Basic Instinct 2 if push comes to shove).

But we mention the great man because of this particular photo of the team behind another of his series, ITV’s true crime drama, The Long Shadow, starring Morrissey alongside Toby Jones, Katherine Kelly, Daniel Mays and many other besides.

And have you spotted what only slightly weirded out Morrissey yet?

They have!

Sounds like a case for Detective Inspector Tom Thorne.


The way this wonderful street harpist deals with an outrageously entitled passer-by is simply magnificent

Source @davemorrissey64