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Stan Boardman shared the joke that got him banned from TV – and it’s peak Stan Boardman

Hot Water Comedy Club in Liverpool has played host to stars of the circuit, and less well-known comedians, for the past 14 years, but has recently opened a brand new venue – the largest designated comedy club in the country.

Fans have been treated to sets from the likes of John Bishop, Jo Caulfield, Gary Delaney and Paul Sinha, but also from the old guard – people who braved the working men’s clubs in the 70s, including the Scousest of them all, star of The ComediansStan Boardman.

The 86-year-old comic will be strutting his stuff – okay, probably minus the strutting – at Hot Water in July, and we’d put good money on this classic bit being included, but it’s always worth another listen.

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It’s so tame by today’s standards that it’s hard to believe it got Stan and poor old Des into trouble. TikTok users loved it.

What a legend, that’s sketch was part of my childhood. It was hilarious.

I watched this live and loads of times since and never tire of hearing the joke.

Comedy at its best just superb.

I grew up watching him, he was brilliant.

Classic. Funniest thing ever watching it.
Andy Odyniecki

I remember watching this live it was hilarious everyone was talking about it at school even the teachers.

This was the only time I’d EVER witnessed my mum cry with laughter, can still picture her now.

Good old Stan, haven’t seen him around in yonks. Used to see him in the Bowring Park pub in Liverpool, probably telling the same joke, but a great bloke.

One of THE BEST jokes EVER told on TV.

Lee1975 asked –

Is this John Bishop’s dad?

Stan is basically the metaphorical dad of every Scouse comedian.

If his tale of getting into hot water has made you want to see him in Hot Water on the 6th of July, you can get tickets here (if you’re fast enough).

You can also see more clips from Hot Water Comedy on their Twitter/X, Facebook and YouTube accounts.


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