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This thrill seeker (bottom left!) was determined to get the most value out of this ride and it’s a fabulously funny watch

When we go on a rollercoaster or something similar we want to be terrified to within an inch of our lives, and it’s always a crushing disappointment when it turns out to be a bit, meh.

And this particular fairground ride looks very meh indeed. Unless you do what the thrill seeker on the bottom left does. Then it becomes something altogether more exhilarating.

Carnival ride
byu/suckatgrammer inDamnthatsinteresting

1200 RPM spin cycle!

It’s at the Mall of America in Minnesota, it turns out, and here are our favourite comments on Reddit.

‘Person in green is like ‘I paid $7.99 for this ride and I’m going to make it worth EVERY penny’. Spin on, stranger.

‘This person turned over 90 times, I counted.’

‘I went to the mall of America a couple years ago, this girl was there and doing this exact same thing. She’s been doing it for years, she’s a pro. She gets off and runs back to get back on. Sometimes there’s no line so she got to go back-to-back over and over. Scientists should do studies on her for astronauts.’

‘Damn I laughed so hard at this ‘

‘Her name is Tara, and she has been riding this same ride for 12 years mentioned on tiktok. Her username is queenshellspinner.’

And here she is!

@queenshellspinner I am the Queen Spinner of Shell Shock. Not sponsored by Nickelodeon Universe. #iam #queenspinner #tmntshellshockride #nickelodeonuniverse #mallofamerica ♬ original sound – Tara

And similar but different, just because we’re here.

Source Reddit u/suckatgrammer