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19 biting reactions to the biggest gaffes so far in the disastrous Tory election campaign

Rishi Sunak‘s general election campaign is off to quite the start.

It began in the pouring rain with Labour’s 1997 anthem ‘Things Can Only Get Better’ Blair-ing in the background.

Sunak stopped off at a Morrisons to pose as though he’d never seen a loaf before.

He headed to Wales, where he accidentally twisted the knife over the national team not making it into the Euros.

At a warehouse in Derbyshire, two ‘workers’ who asked questions turned out to be Tory councillors in disguise.

His comms team couldn’t stuff enough exit signs into this publicity shot, apparently.

Sunak took questions from the press …in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter.

Campaign Headquarters wrote a new chapter of How to Win Friends and Influence People.

On his ‘day off’, Rishi Sunak sketched out a flagship policy guaranteed to get the youth vote mobilised for anyone but the Tories. Mandatory National Service for 18-year-olds …

…which was a suggestion that the government had dismissed last week.

To make him seem relatable, he turned up to agility training at Chesham Utd and lost to a set of cones.

There are three possibilities –

Labour has infiltrated CCHQ.

Sunak wants to lose.

They really are this bad at campaigning.

Satire may be under threat, but there’s plenty of fodder for every one else.