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You don’t have to be a fight fan to appreciate this hilariously unexpected face-off (wait for it!)

We’re not the biggest fight fans here but we’re a sucker for a funny pre-fight face-off and they surely don’t come much better than this.

It’s a clip that’s just gone viral on Reddit for reasons that will become obvious (wait for it!)

Japanese Fighters Face off
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And here are our favourite funny things people said about it.

‘Fighter: What was it Coach told me to do?… That’s right. Get on his head.’

‘I thought for sure it was a Bit when he leaned over, but then he walked away all serious.’

‘I was expecting them to start making out.’

‘The sexual tension is palpable.’

‘Step 1. Assert dominance.

‘Step 2. Assert dominance.


‘I went from thinking the guy on the right was an arsehole, to thinking he’s a legend in record time.

‘Also the guy on the lefts reaction was just gold, he tried to stop him, gave up and sat down and just waited the guy out while trying to hold back the laughter.

‘More of this attitude all round in sports, please.

‘Bro just wants some love.’

Source Reddit u/Previous_Breakfast99