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The Tories said Rishi Sunak ‘doesn’t stop halfway’ and Adam Boulton’s withering comeback was first class

It was time for Rishi Sunak clamber back on to his life raft of a general election campaign to launch the Conservative Party manifesto at the Silverstone race track.

Which in itself was already a hostage to fortune, as the Guardian’s John Crace pointed out.

And it started off late and went downhill from there. How exciting was it? This exciting.

Here’s what the Labour Party had to say about it …

And the Lib Dems …

… and a few other mildly underwhelmed responses.

We mention it because Sunak was introduced by pretty much the sole Conservative success story of the recent local elections, Ben Houchen.

And former Sky News political editor Adam Boulton’s comeback was first class.


Last word to Ben Houchen, a month or two back.

With supporters like those, who needs an opposition?

But if you want to read all about what Rishi Sunak had to promise today, you can read all about it here!