Piers Morgan just got owned by a vegan sausage roll and people love it

Like a few other people out there, Piers Morgan’s not happy that high street bakers Greggs has introduced a vegan sausage roll to their (mostly) meaty range of hot snacks.

And naturally he took to Twitter to share his displeasure.

And thank goodness he did, because Greggs had the perfect response.

Of course they were. And this is how much people loved it.

Morgan wasn’t giving up but, like a Greggs sausage roll (of either variety) it all felt a bit flakey.

There was this …

… and then there was this.

And you’ll be glad to know people had fun with that too.

Morgan was still going at it this morning.

But last word really does have to go to this guy.


People love Greggs’ response to this guy who trolled its new vegan sausage roll