You won’t see anything more surprised than this hamster given an unexpected prod

The look on the face of this hamster made us laugh because he’s so surprised and his expression feels so human. Just for a moment or two, you understand. Then it goes back to looking like a hamster.

His soul came out of his body from r/WatchPeopleDieInside


‘To be fair, that is the appropriate reaction to an unexpected poke near your butt.’ Leporine_Harvey

‘I’m laughing so hard but then I realized this poor creature’s basic reaction to a possible life threathening situation is to scream for mercy. Like me.’ Fibblemydipstick

And here it is again – with audio!

Startled Hamster **NOW WITH AUDIO** from r/funny

(via Reddit)


People can’t get enough of the look on this cat’s face

Source Reddit u/rafamaia11