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A New York director is selling farts for £61 a pop

The phenomenon of non-fungible tokens (NFT) as a means of selling unique versions of digital art led to an online collage by the artist known as Beeple selling for more than $69 million.

NFTs are markers that prove a digital item is unique, making them ideal for online art trading, as with Beeple’s collage, but also with other types of digital file – such as audio recordings.

Film director, Alex Ramírez-Mallis, sensed the winds of change in the digital art world, and his product not only cuts the mustard, it also cuts the cheese, because it’s a year’s worth of the farts of himself and four friends.

Additionally, individual recordings of farts can be purchased for the bargain price of 0.05 Ethereum – as these things are via cryptocurrency only – which amounts to around £61.

It’s Father’s Day in a couple of months. Just saying. It might be wise to invest early so you don’t miss out.

Alex talked to the New York Post’s Hannah Frishberg about the sale, saying –

“There’s always room for absurdity and there’s definitely always room for farts.”

We don’t know about art, but he certainly summed up the central tenet of comedy since the dawn of time.

Here’s what people have been saying about it.

We sincerely hope this happens –

If Alex makes enough money from selling farts, he could build his very own Trump Tower.


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Source New York Post Image Screengrab, Opensea