‘How to appear online while working from home’ is next level stuff

If only we’d known this earlier, a rather fabulous way to ‘appear online while working from home,’ posted by rawb_dawg over on Reddit.

How to appear online while working from home from r/funny

Beautifully done.

‘Are companies really tracking people like this while teleworking?’ jo-jo111

‘I have a couple of friends who said their company is. Which sucks because apparently they’re so productive at home they are usually done with their weekly tasks by Wednesday or Thursday so they just have to dick around on their computer for a day or two.’ doctazee

And it gets better.

‘Plug the fan into a timer so it starts moving at 8 AM and you don’t even need to set your morning alarm.’ TTT_2k3

‘Woo hoo, looks like I’m doing overtime this weekend.’ Dark_Knight_Batman

There was only one tiny problem.

‘We are very happy to see that you’ve worked tirelessly 24h per day the last weeks. We are currently evaluating worker efficiency, so it will be very exciting to see what you’ve produced during this time. Please show us.’ spektre

“Why the fuck is Dave just dragging his cursor across the page?” drak0ni

“Dave, I like how you move your mouse back and forth, so I’m giving you a promotion. Johnson, you click way too much, you’re fired.” tinylobo


Simply 19 very satisfying times these people’s BS was gloriously called out

Source Reddit u/rawb_dawg