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Jon Richardson’s take on the 2019 election just went viral again and got some people super hot under the collar

A week or two back we featured Jon Richardson’s fabulous explainer on how Rishi Sunak made his millions and a very informative watch it was too.

We mention it again because another Richardson video has just gone viral and this time he’s not in a bubble bath but on Have I Got News For You.

And he’s looking back on Jeremy Corbyn’s 2019 election defeat and, well, best have a watch for yourself.

And it’s fair to say it divided people, it really divided people, depending on what you make of Corbyn (and Keir Starmer)

People like @TheBluestStar who sent the clip viral, for instance.

On the one hand …

And on the other …


Jon Richardson in a bubble bath explaining how Rishi Sunak made his millions was magnificently done

Source @TheBluestStar