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This guy trolled James Blunt’s new film and the singer’s hilariously savage comeback was a proper chart topper

As no-one anywhere needs reminding, you troll James Blunt at your peril (unless you want him to send you viral with one of his Twitter winning comebacks, then go right ahead, obviously).

And we’re not sure why @Amir__B_ took aim at the singer but whatever the reason, Blunt appeared to take particular delight in putting him in his place.

It all began when Blunt shared a bit of news about the new Netflix film about him.

And it was the bit about his ‘star momentarily twinkling’ that caught the eye of @Amir__B_.

Blunt didn’t just give him both barrels, he gave him three.


1. I know your mum had so many illegitimate children that it’s probably easiest to assume everyone you meet is a relation, but for clarity – I am not your brother.

2. Reading your attempt at a proper sentence, I wonder if you should be sticking to picture-based apps? #insta

3. I’m not just a star, I’m a fucking MONSTAR.

And here’s just a little bit of the love people had for it.

From this person.

And this person.

And this person – another star!

This person, however, well, this person might be getting just a little bit too excited.

Steady on, people!


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