This Reece Shearsmith outtake reel from Peter Kay’s Car Share is a giggly delight

Reece Shearsmith is currently blowing viewers’ minds again, with the latest series of Inside Number 9, but it’s a blast from the past that’s got people’s attention on Twitter.

Halo #KeepYourMasksOn – @EatMyHalo – shared this very funny set of bloopers from a 2015 episode of Peter Kay’s Car Share.

We don’t know how Peter Kay and Sian Gibson got anything filmed when it was just those two, never mind when there was a third funny person in the car. And we’ll never again be able to listen to Here Comes the Hotstepper without thinking of this footage.

We can’t be the only ones, either, if these comments are anything to go by.

It looks like there’s merch on the horizon.

Hundred per cent, would buy.


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Source @EatMyHalo Image Screengrab