You surely won’t see a better anti-masker takedown than this

Throughout the whole pandemic a small but very vocal minority of covidiots have continued to rant and rave about having to wear a mask.

We’ve featured quite a few signs from shops, pubs, restaurants and elsewhere that had a message for these anti-maskers, and this one might be our favourite yet.

‘Massive “f*ck you” to all the anti maskers!’ said cheeseandhambagel who shared it on Reddit.

“To accommodate ANTI-MASKERS we have provided this space away from everyone else where you can stare at your reflection since you’re the only person you care about.”


‘If those anti-vaxers could read, they’d be very upset.’

And in the league table of all-time favourite anti-masker signs, this is probably runner-up.



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Source Reddit u/cheeseandhambagel