‘How to measure like a Brit’ went viral and it absolutely nails it

You’ll no doubt have seen the news that Boris Johnson is making imperial measures official again, giving everyone two ways to measure exactly how much stuff we don’t have anymore post-Brexit.

We only mention this again because this rather marvellous ‘How to measure like a Brit’ went viral on Reddit and it totally nails it. Well, it did for lots of people (you might have to zoom in to properly appreciate it).

And here are our favourite things people said about it.

‘Almost lost it at the milk thing.’

‘It’s simple…. If it always came in pints then it still comes in pints. If it isn’t already affiliated to pints then litres.’

‘Beer and cider when served draft, and milk only if delivered to the doorstep, are allowed to be just in pints. This is based on UK laws pre-dating the EU. Anything else will be in litres, or double-badged with both measurements. For example, milk in shops is usually and technically sold in quantities of 568ml, which is the equivalent of a pint.’

‘Do commonwealth countries mix and match in a single sentence? “So how many miles per litre does your car get?” “Let’s head 2 kilometers and grab a few pints”…

‘Well, we still use miles per gallon even though we fill up in litres. But yes.’

‘This is frustratingly accurate, though you forget height, which is feet and inches if it’s a person but hands if it’s a horse.’

‘Inches is a unit of measurement used pretty much only for genitalia.’

‘And TVs.’

It was made by Redditor Kikkervelf from Belgium who based it on this, ‘How to Measure like a Canadian’.

Now our head’s really beginning to hurt.


Boris Johnson is making imperial measures official again – and the idea took a pounding

Source Reddit u/Kikkervelf H/T Twitter @willlowther