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The takedown of this medical ‘expert’ is one for the ages

Trust in experts isn’t what it once was, thanks in part to social media which means we can all consider ourselves experts after five minutes on Facebook. Well, some of us do.

And the all-time classic takedown of this medical ‘expert’ has just gone viral again on Reddit and it really is one for the ages.

Let’s hope they also know how to treat burns.

‘I have been in this body of mine for the past 40 years, I still see a doctor when I get sick.’

‘Well shit, keep your kid at home from school then if you know so much.’

‘Love the reply. People are so freaking quick to act like they somehow are the authority of something even with no knowledgeable training. You may know your child’s personality and feeding habit but I guarantee you don’t know what’s going on inside the body.’

‘I dunno guys, she watched her kid breathe, that’s a pretty big deal. Also 12 years? Tf kinda medical school she talking about.’

‘If her baby needs surgery, perhaps she can perform it.’


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Source Reddit u/DaFunkJunkie Image Pexels