This boss’s outrageous response to an employee with Covid wins facepalm of the week

And facepalm of the week goes to this manager whose message to an employee with Covid went viral on the subReddit r/antiwork.

Their apparent insecurity would be funny if their response wasn’t so outrageous (and downright dangerous).

‘My friend has Covid and complained to the HR manager after his boss told him to come into work ‘because he is symptomless, so basically not sick’. Here was the response,’ said Redditor gingertea7 who shared it.

And it got entirely the responses you’d expect. And more.

‘I’m pretty sure coming in when you have an extremely contagious virus is not thinking about your colleagues or being a team player.’

‘The only information here that matters is that HR told him he was a dipshit. The rest is just a tantrum by a child.’

‘Red flag: discuss over the phone or in person. If that has to be the case, make sure that somebody is also present on your friend’s side to corroborate everything that might be said during the meeting.’

‘You should 100% send this email to HR as well.’

‘That was a lot of words for him to say “HR says you were right and that I have to grant your time off request.”


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Source Reddit u/gingertea7