This online seller’s pre-emptive takedown of entitled buyers is A++

Next time we try to sell something online we must remember to add this PS to pre-empt any entitled buyers who might be tempted to try to get it on the cheap.

‘Somebody has already encountered a choosing beggar before,’ said Knellessurus who shared the screengrab of a set of bar stools for sale over on Reddit.

And it really is the perfect three-point opening salvo.

And just in case that’s tricky to read, here’s what they had to say.

3 white and brushed silver adjustable height bar stools. Like new. $300 for all three.

IMPORTANT. Please read.

1. I’d rather throw them out than negotiate on price.

2. If you email me to negotiate I will sell them for your negotiated price to someone else.

3. If you agree to pick them up and show up with less than $300, I will burn them in front of you.


“I will burn them in front of you” 🤣🤣

‘I just want to watch this actually happen.’

Although this person may have spotted a loophole.

‘Get your friend to offer 100, profit!?’

Also this.

‘I mean. I like his thinking but those barstools are not worth 300.
Look like ikea ffs.’


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Source Reddit u/Knellessurus