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This doctor had the sickest comeback to an anti-vaxxer’s nonsense

A r/MurderedByWords post shared by u/oh_no_aliens shows what it looks like when a doctor discards the principle of First, do no harm.

Let’s take a closer look.

Awkward. Now – what sauce goes well with socks?

Jokes on him the dude has some rare foot fetish and was hoping to be wrong!

Where do these idiots get off telling people to “do your research”? Like, mother fucker, listening to Joe Rogan and watching fringe YouTube channels isn’t “doing research.”

Oh you did your own research? How many people are in your study?

Some people believe what they read, and some people read what they believe. Critical thinking matters and many folks lack it.

Don’t give him a choice; he said SOCKS. Eat em both, ya smooth-brained lemming.

This doctor woke up and chose to take lives not save them.

In a rare case, this murderbywords may actually take a life.

A Reddit user named u/aeyamar had .

I think we all know he prefers the Right.


The epic takedown of this anti-vaxxer has given us a new favourite insult

Source r/MurderedByWords Image r/MurderedByWords, PublicDomainPictures on Pixabay