Boss refuses to accept resignation and gets exactly what’s coming to him

It’s never less than satisfying to read a story of a manager who acts unreasonably and gets entirely what’s coming to them.

And this is a classic case in point, a tale shared over on Reddit by kaihoneck of a boss who refused to accept a resignation and this happened.

And here’s exactly what people made of that.

‘The f-ck they gonna do, sue you to force you to work for below market value? Save the messages and post them here so we can make fun of them.’

‘What’re they gonna do, fire you?’

‘Or offer them to hire you as a consultant for $300/hr.’

‘Your boss is an idiot and a terrible manager. He should have taken your resignation letter to his boss, demanded your raise, and enumerated the consequences to the company if they declined. He obviously didn’t do that or the company doesn’t care about the consequences.’

‘Text him back that you no longer work there, as stated in your resignation letter and that your freelance rate is $100/hour in 8 hour blocks paid up front.’

To conclude, this.

‘Maybe it’s me but I am genuinely shocked at how much a worker thinks control the boss/manager/supervisor has over them. Yes the boss can say whatever they want, but legally they can’t do shit. They can’t take any action if a worker decides to leave a job. They can’t sue you but for some reason workers fear that they might get in trouble legally or they are causing some sort of harm.

‘Also if you have a good relationship with your boss, he wouldn’t threaten you with legal action. A good boss and a good friend would shake your hand and wish you the best in the future and could leave the door open for you in the future if you wanted to return. What he’s doing is pure manipulation. He’s using the good relationship you 2 have and trying to lure you into staying. And let’s say you decided to change your mind and not leave.

‘Now since he knows that you wanted to leave, he can use that and hire a new person, have you train that person and then fire you. Those are classic abuse tactics that employers use so they can squeeze as much work out of you as possible and then once all the work is done, they’ll dump you like trash.’


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Source Reddit u/kaihoneck