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This weird auditory illusion sounds like Sesame Street’s Grover drops an F bomb

Remember this? It went hugely viral four years ago, causing major arguments and accusations of lying between Team Laurel and Team Yanny.

Well, Matty – @matchoowly on TikTok – has shared a similar kind of thing, but it’s Grover from Sesame Street swearing – or is he?


Today was brought to you by the letter F? 👀🤣

♬ original sound – Matty

The clip has been bouncing around the internet for a while, but it was clearly new to these people.

A lot of people thought Matty had doctored the clip.

This proves he didn’t.

@matchoowly Reply to @that_roddy ♬ original sound – Matty

One person, with their mind clearly blown, had this epiphany.


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Source Matty Image Screengrab