Is this the worst boss ever? It might just be

There’s a word for getting people to work for you for nothing, and it isn’t ‘education’, so people have been dragging this entitled and unscrupulous boss.

Reddit users weighed in with loads of comments on u/Sad_Writing_7302‘s post

The employer thinks of other humans as Sims that need a task to do, and not as sentient beings.

And the work experience argument? It’s not experiencing adult life if he doesn’t treat them like fucking adults!

We all know everyone under 18 is just a criminal waiting to happen.

Can someone explain how they would be out of pocket when they’re not paying the kids?

I hope when they finally get arrested they’re forced to serve through community service.

This dude wants to GET PAID to exploit children. That’s a new level of wtf.

Redditor u/ICareAboutThings25 pointed out the bottom line.

What else would they do during the summer? Literally anything else? I mostly spent my summers watching tv as a teenager. Why would I work for no money when I could watch tv for no money instead?


This hectoring boss forgot to read the small print and the payoff is beautiful

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