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Probably the funniest anti-vax claim on Jesus you’ll see today

It seems that Jesus has taken time out of his busy schedule of hovering behind Donald Trump to guide his golf shots in order to lend his support to the anti-vax truckers in Canada. Oh …and he’s American.

What a guy! What a proud American! Always on the side of the selfish *rsehole – apparently.

Anyway – here’s what Redditors had to say about it.

Lol. I didn’t realize Judea was in America.

I also missed the part in the Bible where Jesus is American.

Bloody idiots. Everyone knows Jesus is from the North Pole.

So American Jesus is supporting anti vax Canadians?

u/Queefofthenight posted this zinger.

The 2000 year old chippie from Jerusalem didn’t approve of trucks. He prefers electric vehicles. The guy makes lightning not petrol or diesel.

u/Thewrongbakedpotato added –

“I just chatted with Jesus on Facebook, He says to leave him out of this and to get your shots.”


This convoy trucker’s conspiracy theory will have you facepalming into next week

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