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The ‘women can’t do men’s work because their feet are smaller’ theory is a real toe-curler

Small-c conservative misogynists have come up with a lot of ways of implying – or even simply stating – that men are superior to women in one way or another, but this one takes the biscuit – and it comes from a woman.

u/justiceforall1000000 shared a screenshot of these photos from a bible study class, showing a lot of women wearing their husbands’ shoes.

But it was the explanation and bizarre conclusion that earned it a place on r/facepalm.

I’m sorry – what?

Redditors treated it with the contempt it deserved.

You think they are going to start giving out work assignments based on shoe sizes now? Slow down Jonny, those size 9s aren’t management material! That job goes to Tony with the size 11s.

You probably won’t be impressed by the next bible group when the men all had to wear their wives’ shoes, boots and high heeled shoes. It was a busy day at the local ER.

My husband and I have the exact same foot size so clearly we’re exempt.

Of course a Bible group is going to take a metaphor literally.

She knows you can buy work shoes in like, whatever size she needs, right?

u/BrisolBadger put it in a nutshell.

Scary that some people watched the Handmaid’s Tale and saw it as a how to manual instead of cautionary tale…


‘If The Handmaid’s Tale was Scottish’

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