This boss was wrong on so many levels it hurts

Latest in an occasional series, awful employer of the day goes to this boss and their exchange with an ill member of staff who was unable to come in because of a stomach bug.

It went viral after it was posted by who said: ‘I lost my job of 3 years because of this.’

And here are just a few of the things people said about it.

‘Stomach bugs are the most contagious thing ever.’

‘Especially for food service jobs. here, let me breathe this contagious virus/bacteria all over this food and utensils and also breathe on everything i clean when I close.’

‘As a consumer of food, I prefer that people handling my food call out if they’re sick…I’ll deal with slower service.’

‘How does texting indicate you’re fine to still come in?

‘If you went all the way to a Dr, checked in, waited in the waiting room, was examined, then given a Dr note, I think you’d be able to send a quick text… Then if you actually couldn’t text because you’re that sick you’d be a ‘no call no show’ and fired for not giving notice.

‘Managers like this just like being assholes. His next complaint will be how he can’t find loyal consistent workers because ‘nO oNe wAnTs tO wOrK aNyMorE’ even though he pulls this shit.’

‘I’d go in puke everywhere and leave jouriouaneerooaireneeeeeeeeee would probably have to clean in up.’


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Source Reddit u/spr_t