This Good Samaritan spotted someone in need and it’s a magnificent facepalm

Facepalm of the week is surely this, a Good Samaritan who spotted someone in need when they left the house first thing in the morning.

And when their offer of help didn’t get a response, they went the extra mile. And this happened, as told by No-Glove1428 over on Reddit.

‘So I came out the house at 5 this morning and I saw this bloke leaning on a wall with a walking stick I thought he must be out of breath.

‘Just went back out and he’s still there I shouted mate you alright?

‘No reply, so I walked over to check on him and its a trampoline net hanging over the wall.’

Brilliant. We’ve been staring at it for 10 minutes now and there’s no way that’s not a bloke leaning on a wall with a walking stick.

“It’s a trampoline net hanging over a wall.”

‘That’s what he wants you to believe.’

‘It does not change the fact that you did a good thing. Wholesome facepalm.

‘Now that that’s out of the way, allow me to join in the laughter.’

‘Years ago I ran out my back door with a bat thinking someone was creeping around my backyard, only to be confronted by a white shirt I had put on the washing line (on a hanger) that morning and forgotten about…

‘In my defence, I was drunk/stoned, and it was dark and misty 🙄.’

‘Foiled again by big trampoline.’

‘I was concerned that he was missing a spring in his step.’

‘Lmaooo. I have one question for you … “mate, are you alright?”

‘Alright m8, you know, just the usual ups and downs.’


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Source Reddit u/No-Glove1428