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This hilariously entitled dad trying to get a sofa on the cheap is given the perfect sendoff

The corner of Reddit called ‘choosing beggars’ is full of hilariously entitled people trying to get stuff for free or on the cheap, and this one is a classic of the genre.

It’s an exchange shared by Dear-Investment-8856 who said: ‘The Entitlement’ and they’re not wrong, they’re really not.

They’re going to need a sit down after that. If only they had somewhere to sit.

“Tell your daughter I’m sorry you’re her dad.”

‘This is actually the best response to one of these people I’ve seen.’

‘We need more heroes like sofa bed guy in the world.’

‘He’s the Sofa King.’

‘If he’s as attentive a husband as he is a father, dude’s probably gonna be sleeping on whatever couch he ends up getting.’

‘He was at least 3 minutes late!!! That means he should have it 70% cheaper. It’s math.’

Only one question remained.

‘What if you had responded straight away? Would he be able to pick it up then and there? Would he not have been even more late for his daughter?’



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Source Reddit u/Dear-Investment-8856