This advert from 1971 has some seriously bad diet advice

This magazine advert from 1971 gives a piece of unexpected and frankly terrible diet advice.

Can you guess what it is from the image?

Is it a healthy alternative to those chocolate bars? How to burn off more calories after you eat one?

Nope – that’s not where they’re going with it at all.

Reddit users shared their thoughts.

Surprised it doesn’t add “don’t forget your cigarette after”

These fuckers knew the science even then, too. This is wilful disinformation.

I’ll read up on it after I’m done drinking my coke.

Makes you wonder what 2070 will make our current medical advice look like 😏

Guinness used to have an advert with the line “It’s good for you.”.

Adverts were certainly different in the old days.

One meal a day. Take a steak. Cover in sugar. Eat mid day. Smoke cigarettes to fill the time. Mmmmmm.

Paid for by big sugar.

Damn we were dumb then. We’re still dumb now. But we were dumb then too.

u/psychpostie explained the 70s.

Life was simpler back then, fat, sugar, tobacco and alcohol were the main food groups, no seat belts in cars, hood ornaments that evicerated people if they went over them, how the hell did anyone survive?

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There was a “wine and eggs” diet in the 70s and it did NOT look healthy

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