Simply the best way to deal with a list of dating demands

The dating scene can be an absolute minefield, and the introduction of apps hasn’t made it any easier. One hurdle is the increasing amount of demands made by would-be daters, squeezing out a lot of hopefuls without so much as a cup of coffee.

This exchange shows just the type of thing that’s out there – and the best answer anyone could give.

What’s wrong with a good sense of humour and liking dogs? Redditors were entertained.

Better than Twilight.

The only time I went to a Tinder persons house was because he had a tiny kitten.

It was worth it.

ETA: we did NOT have sex and I never saw him again, lol.

30% ? Does that include a mortgage?

The respondent also knows how to use punctuation!

After meeting all the prerequisites and filling out all the paperwork they were granted permission by the state to engage in love protocol.

After the 6 week waiting period they can apply for a sexual intercourse permit.

What kind of moldy mashed potato brain has white text on yellow.

My entire list was ‘must not guilt me for taking naps’…

freewave07 explained why neither one of them should be judged harshly for their dating must-haves.

“Not a wholly unreasonable request. She might be 5’ 11”- And he might have B cups.”

CptSlippyFist12 imagined a romantic ending.

She too met the requirements, beautiful love story.

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