Mark Hamill goes back to his old job in this very funny Jack in the Box fast food ad

There’s never a bad time to hear from Mark Hamill.

Not only has he earned legendary status as an actor in Star Wars and as the voice of the Joker in Batman: the Animated Series, but he’s a Twitter favourite, known for calling out political BS and generally being a good guy.

In a new advert for the American fast food restaurant, Jack in the Box, he goes back to his old job – and takes drive-thru customers by surprise.

@hamillhimself I might have worked @jackinthebox ♬ original sound – Mark Hamill

“So, you’re coming back tomorrow?”

“Nah! I’m good.”

We’ll have a side of living legend with that please – and make it large.

TikTok users loved it.

Looks like Jack in the Box might have to see if Harrison Ford is available.

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