A kindergarten teacher ‘talking to Trump’ about the FBI raid is hilariously on the nose

Teacher and TikToker mrs.frazzled has imagined how it might go if someone were to talk to Donald Trump at his intellectual level about the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago.

In fact, it’s exactly as a kindergarten teacher might discuss with a small child how to modify their behaviour.

It works perfectly – of course.


might need admin on this one

♬ original sound – frazz

“Do you understand why they took those items from you?

No – not for no reason, friend. Those did not belong to you.”

We can’t believe nobody’s tried talking to the actual Trump like this. Maybe January 6th might have been very different if he’d had nap time.

Here are a few favourite reactions from TikTok.

I appreciate you putting aside your fear of backlash in order to entertain us 🧡
Vegan 🏳️‍🌈

Gentle parenting actually works wonders on Boomers so this is probably the best way to explain this to him.

I was so convinced that you were talking to a toddler. So thoroughly convinced. Well done.
Victory’s Song

She shared the sketch on Twitter.

People quite rightly loved it.

There’s also this – the storm before the calm.

When they get Trump in the dock, we hope they have the good sense to send mrs.frazzled to question him.

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