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‘What’s something insane you saw but no-one believes you coz there’s no proof?’ 15 truly amazing stories

‘Seeing is believing’ is all very well, but ‘pics or it didn’t happen’ is how many of us operate in these sceptical times.

But all of us have a story of something that happened to us, or something we saw, that we know for sure happened – we just don’t have the evidence to prove it.

Reddit user @samulige stirred a big discussion when they asked this.

‘What’s something insane that you witnessed with your own eyes but no one believes you because there’s no proof?’

And, hooboy, did people deliver.

“An adult bull Moose walked into the local grocery in the middle of the day, headed to the produce section and started eating fruit. Everyone outside my town doesn’t believe it but nobody within the town will ever forget.”

“In middle school, walking home from a friend’s house. I went to pet a doggy. Looked like a big golden lab, facing away from me. I got about 3 feet away and it turned toward me. Mountain lion. In the front yard, right near the sidewalk, of a Chicago suburban house in an unremarkable neighborhood.

“I had nightmares for weeks. Finally, there was another sighting next town over, and it made the papers, and then all the stories came out about pets going missing, rabbit heads found in yards, and all the associated madness. My dad still thought I imagined it – I was a small kid, and it was a big lion.”

“A wild kangaroo… in Denmark, in winter. I got some blurry pictures, some believe me, other give me “oh you saw Sasquatch” vibes.”

“I live in bear country. Few years back, when I was young and had roommates, one of them started getting pissy about food going missing.

“The final straw was an entire costco pack of chicken, some steak, and ice cream that disappeared.

“Total freakout on the house group chat. Accusations. Harsh words.

“Found all the packaging in the backyard the next day.

“Finally caught the bear red pawed in the kitchen, 3 nights later, too.”

“In my city we lift our hand at the pedestrian crossings and the cars stop so we can cross. Most people respect it. One day getting off the bus I saw a dog stop and lift his paw at the crossing. I stopped to watch, believing it was a coincidence.

“Nope, the cars stopped for the dog and he only crossed when it was completely safe. And yes, the dog was alone, no human beside him lifting their hand or anything. Most people dont believe me to this day. That dog mustve been a once in a generation genius, or he was taught by someone before living on the streets.”

“I had a gun pulled on me in an attempt to steal my car. I ducked and hit the gas and got out of there. No one believes me because I live in a small town in Canada where these things just don’t happen.”

“When I went to visit my grandparents in Florida, I SWEAR I saw a woman who was riding a motorized couch on the sidewalk. Like it had wheels and evidently some kind of engine that allowed it to roll around, and she was controlling it with a joystick. We were driving too fast for me to take any pictures before she was out of view.”

“I saw a giant meteor in the sky around 2007-2008. Was so big it lit up everything like it was daytime for a split second. It was much bigger than the moon in the sky. It had a slowed down and started stuttering like it had low frame rate and then disappeared as fast as it appeared. Legit thought that was it for us.”