People are sharing the life hacks they learned far too late – 19 game-changers

People have been sharing the game-changing life hacks people didn’t learn until far too late in life after Redditor felis_disapproves asked this.

‘What’s something you did “the hard way” for the longest time, because you didn’t know there was a much easier way?’

And we’re very glad they did because some of the answers were properly eye-openers and chances are you – like us – had no idea.

Here are our 19 favourites – invariably useful, occasionally funny, and just once or twice … the absolutely bleedin’ obvious.


‘Cleaning the damn microwave. I struggled to scrub all the dried up bits off then a friend told me to just put a small dish of water in it and turn it on for a couple of minutes. Everything wipes right out. I was such a dumb ass.’


‘CTRL backspace to delete entire words instead of letter by letter.’


‘My dishwasher is across the kitchen from my utensil drawer. For years, while unloading the dishwasher I would stuff as many utensils as I could in my hands. I’d inevitably drop some, and there are a few knicks in my hardwood floor from dropping forks and spoons.

‘One day at work, a coworker unloaded the dishwasher and removed the utensil basket and carried it over to the utensil drawer. I never felt so dumb.’


‘I used to own more than one color and style of sock. F-ck that shit.’


‘If you hold down the “0” (zero) button on an iphone it will bring up the “°” degree symbol.’


‘For dusting things like baseboards, windowsills, and picture frames, the best tool is a (clean) paintbrush. I always used to either use a cloth or something made specifically for dusting, but the paintbrush is much faster and easier. I keep a cheap 2-inch paintbrush exclusively for dusting now. Also works great on cobwebs.’


‘Copy pasting on a computer by meticulously highlighting, right clicking, then selecting the copy option. Didn’t know about CTRL+C/V for way too long.’


‘Up until the end of high school, every time I’d take a shower, I would turn on the water while standing in front of the shower head, and brunt the cold. I was later informed by a friend that he turns the shower on first, then steps in once [it’s a good] temperature. I truly made his day when I told him I was dumbfounded at that advice.’


‘Parchment paper. No more scrubbing off baked- on cheese and sauce. If it goes in the oven, I use parchment paper.’


‘When I was a kid I was bad at nail clippers. I knew to put my nail in the chompy bit at the end, but I didn’t realize that the handle/lever folded out. So I would just squeeze really hard until I broke my nail off in the blades. This went on for an embarrassingly long time before my mom saw me and taught me how to open the lever.’