People are sharing the life hacks they learned far too late – 19 game-changers


‘That you turn the deodorant to lift the hard plastic off. Learned this about 5 years ago. I’m 36 years old. I struggled needlessly for so long trying to pry that damn thing off.’


‘If you hold the space bar on your cellphone it’s way easier to select words in a text you want to copy move the cursor where you want it to be (sorry, wrote this while tired). Did it the hard way, the way you get angry at your fat fingers for far too long.

‘To clarify:

‘Write some random word in a text message. Hold space bar for a second or two. Slide thumb back and forward on the space bar and the cursor will move. Makes it easy to just remove one letter in a long misspelled word.’


‘Clean your blender by making a hot water and dish soap smoothie.’


‘I kept shaking the shaving gel and struggling to get more than a quarter of the can out…till it dawned on me that they are pressurized and every shake causes it to decrease in pressure, therefore, making it harder to get any out. I’ve now used many and actually got the bottom of every can by simply not shaking them. I’m 40 and also an engineer.’


‘There’s a scene in some teen movie where the girl was trying to convince her brainwashed boyfriend that he was brainwashed, that she wasn’t the enemy, yadda yadda.

‘One of the things she said to him to convince him that she knew him intimately was “you always double knot your shoelaces.”

‘I remember watching it thinking “well, yeah. Doesn’t everyone? If you don’t double knot your shoelaces, they’ll come untied!”

‘It was enough of a weird moment that it made me wonder if there was something I was missing about the way people tied their shoes. And lo and behold, after some furious googling it turned out that I didn’t know the difference between a square knot and a “granny knot”, and I had been tying my shoes wrong for my entire life.’


‘I’ve been opening pistachios with my thumbs for 30 years until I saw my wife use half a shell to wrench her next one open and then my mind exploded.’


‘After taking a shower, you can dry yourself off (after turning the water off, of course) while still in the shower stall to prevent the bathroom floor from being wet.’


‘My BlackBerry had the worst predictive text system I’d ever seen. It kept suggesting accented characters, words that didn’t exist, and was a total clusterfuck in every way.

‘After a year or so I was browsing the settings and found that predictive text had been set to “French”.


‘We had a pool when I was a kid, swam at the public pool all winter. So lots of water time. Worst thing was having to get out and go pee, because as a girl you’d have to pull your bathing suit down and sit there cold and naked and then have to pull on a cold, wet suit and it was sticky and icy and awful. I’d hold it until I absolutely had to go.

‘Occurred to me as an adult you can just pull the crotch part to the side, and it stays put while you pee.’


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