When the best man dated the bride, it adds a little something to the speech

Best Man speeches can be awkward enough with the inevitable attempt at jokes and the compulsion to humiliate the groom ever so slightly.

One shared by wedding photographers @joshandpres on TikTok, however, had the added layer of cringe that can only come when the Best Man once dated the bride.

@joshandpres The loudest laughs of the night happened during this speech! Lol #weddingtiktok #bestmanspeech #bestman #weddingmoments ♬ original sound – Josh and Pres

In case you didn’t catch that, this is what he said –

I just noticed the connection they had. The laughs they shared together, the way they looked at each other.

And you’d think it’d sound really romantic. The only problem is – I was dating Rachel at the time.

Now, there’s a man who’s not afraid to mention the elephant in the room. Richard Curtis could work with this, we’re sure.

The clip has been viewed almost 10 million times and has more than a million likes – as well as many, many comments.

Bro is crying inside… Still.

Never let your boyfriend stop you from finding your husband. 😏😂

The definition of “sometimes a man comes into your life just so you can meet his friend”. 💀💀💀

Smiling on the outside, crying on the inside.
Justin Cash

This is something you do notttt bring up at a wedding.

And that’s embarrassing in some way for all 3 of them 😅

Rachel laughing a lil too hard for me 😐😂
Gladys Rozas

TikTok user My Bui gave credit where it was due.

This is actually very positive. Realizing you’re not the one for someone but allowing them to love. Super selfless.

But most of the comments came to this conclusion.

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We wish them all the very best.


What’s better than a flower girl at a wedding? A beer dude!

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