The fabulous takedown of this religious bigot is one for the ages

The takedown of this religious bigot has just gone viral again on Reddit and it’s an all time classic.

‘Sit down. Jesus said to,’ said easilyFret64 who shared it over on Reddit.

One for the ages …

‘I’m so tired of “religious” people using “religion” to hate. It’s just getting so damn old. 😡’

‘I was going to sarcastically say “how Christian of her” but I’m starting to think the sarcasm isn’t warranted.’

‘While we’re using this logic:

‘God made you diabetic, yet you fixed it with insulin.

‘God gave you Cancer, but you fixed it with chemo.

‘God let people be born in areas of the world that don’t have bibles, but you fixed it by spending money to bring them bibles instead of loving your neighbour.’

The original tweet has since been deleted by you can follow Dana Goldberg – @DGComedy – on Twitter here!


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Source Reddit u/easilyFret64 Image Unsplash David Clarke