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Entitlement 101 – How to react when you don’t get free dessert

Over on r/ChoosingBeggars, u/666vegan66 shared an entitled influencer’s petty review for a restaurant.

They had genuinely seen the entitlement in action – in the real world.

“I was actually there when these horrible entitled people kept asking for stuff for free.”

Reddit users were as impressed as u/666vegan66, which is to say not at all.

If you have to mention that you tipped every time, you left really crappy tips.

I don’t understand the “we’ve been helping them out by buying their product” mentality. You gave them money, they gave you a product. You want more product? Give them more money.

People like this fail to remember that a restaurant isn’t a charity. You aren’t a hero because you paid for food.

“I guess we won’t be coming back every month” sigh except, you will keep coming back every month, even if the establishment wishes you wouldn’t.

So she wants a reward for .. eating?

Asking for freebies on NYE?? She’s a service industry nightmare.

I’ll bet the staff has no idea this person comes in on a regular basis. They see thousands of different people a week.

What if the restaurant did this? Hey, we notice this is our 10th time serving you. Give us 50 bucks, please.

Restaurants are hanging on by a thread in many locations.

“I’m heart broken the place I normally support wouldn’t let me make them lose money on my friend. Heart. Broken.”

If the food is so good, why punish yourself my not getting it? The logic is next level.

u/NeutralTrumpet had a theory.

The service industry is the only industry where people consistently expect free shit. Nobody buys Nike shoes and expect free socks all the time.

u/NeutralTrumpet clearly hasn’t been paying attention to influencers.


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