This AI app makes it look like you’re always looking into the camera and it’s today’s creepiest thing

Here’s a thing that is both useful and mildly terrifying at the same time, an AI app that makes it look like you’re always looking into the camera.

On the plus side, it means you can let your attention wander doing those endless Zoom meetings and you’re boss will be none the wiser.

On the downside, you look like a murderer.

Here it is in action, as posted by @1030 on Twitter.

And it prompted lots of on-point and often very funny comments after it was shared on Reddit. Here are our favourites.

‘This creeps me out….’

‘Why don’t they just, I dunno, look into the camera?’

‘Pretty useful for calls. You look at a presentation or your audience. Actually, it sounds a bit anti social only looking at a camera and not seeing the other persons.’

‘Can they make my eyes stay open too?’

‘It’s too perfect, there is not a split second his eyes deviate and it is REALLY uncomfortable and unnatural.’

‘Yep. They need to call this feature “Murder Eyes Mode”.’

‘It needs a feature that makes it so it’s only active 80% of the time so it seems like you’re looking away occasionally.’

‘Like those scary mirror videos where person looks away, but reflection keeps staring.’

‘Uncanny Valley for sure.’

Source Twitter @1030 H/T Reddit u/esberat