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This restaurant was so jaw-droppingly furious at a good review that you’d hate to see a bad one

We’ve featured a fair few unfair restaurant reviews on these pages being given just the treatment they deserved.

And this is an unlikely twist on that classic formula – an entirely legitimate (and praiseworthy) review for this particular restaurant provoking a response that was, well, best have a read for yourself.

It’s just gone viral on Reddit after it was shared by Silent_Assasin14.

And these responses surely say it all.

‘That went from great publicity to an instantaneous “well I’m never going to eat there” type of interaction.’

‘Updates review to “Food good but the owner publicily compared me to Hitler and Jeffrey Dahmer. Would not go back.”

‘Yeah I don’t understand this. I mean he just made a meat eater go “this ain’t half bad” which means he was a step closer to joining the vegan mindset.

‘And then Mr restaurant owner decided to destroy all of that out of righteousness. Could have just simply said “we have even more if you’d like to try it…” and eventually bring him all the way around. But no… better to be salty.’

‘Please, on a going forward basis, please refer to me only as Bloodmouth. Gawd that’s badass.’

“Thank you for your review. We are so happy to hear that you enjoyed your experience with us. We hope you will be back to try some more of our menu.”

Source Reddit u/Silent_Assasin14 Image Unsplash roam in colour