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The sheer brass neck involved in this free bra fiasco will have you facepalming into next week

When you don’t want something and it’s in good condition, you can sell it or give it away. You can also keep it in your house until Stacy Solomon turns up with a cleaning crew, but that’s a less-sensible option.

One woman. u/pregnancydramarama went down the donation route, and her story might just raise your blood-pressure, so you have been warned.

It’s quite a long read, but worth it to witness the sheer brass neck.

About a year ago an expensive underwear store was selling some of their bras at ridiculously cheap prices. 70% off and then another 20% off on top of that. I got online and purchased 4 of them in my size. I ended up getting $70 bras for around $10 each.

Unfortunately they never fit me properly. They lurked in my wardrobe brand new, still with tags for about a year before I found them and decided to pass them on to someone who might need them.

I’m a bigger lady so they were larger sized bras which can be hard to find in my regional area.

I posted them online for free thinking that someone might want or need them.

I had so many people messaging me but one lady stood out in particular.

We did the usual back and forth “are these still available” thing.

Then she asks if they’re brand new? I said yes, I’ve tried them on once but none of them fit. She asked for more photos of them to ensure they were brand new. I gave her some extra pictures. Then she asked for pictures of the price tags that were still attached. I sent more pictures. She then went quiet for around a day. I followed up with a message asking her if she still wanted them. She never responded.

In this time I figured she wasn’t interested and organised with another lady to pick them up. She organised prompt pickup and thanked me repeatedly because she was in desperate need of bras and could really use them. She’d just had a baby and none of her current bras fit her anymore. She was grateful and I was happy to get rid of them. She even sent a follow up message later saying they all fit her perfectly and she felt amazing in them.

The First Lady messaged me again asking when she could pick them up. I told her they had already been picked up and this woman flew off the handle at me.

She said that she’d listed them online herself for $30 each and sold them all, she wanted to make sure that she could sell them before she picked them up and since she had she now wanted the bras.

I told her sorry, but that wasn’t my problem and they’d already been collected.

She then demanded I contact the lady I gave them to and get them back because she needed them more and if I wasn’t willing to do that or if the lady had worn them then I needed to give her the money for the bras or buy new ones so she could sell them. In her mind I’d already promised her the bras and therefore they were hers.

I told her no, I wasn’t doing that and she threatened to report me or give me a bad rating. I ignored her and she followed up with threats to take me to small claims court. I ended up blocking her.

Nothing too extreme here but I still can’t get over this lady who thought that she was entitled to these bras and expected me to hold onto them while she sold them.’

Who does that? Who could possibly think it was reasonable?

Reddit users were outraged on behalf of u/pregnancydramarama.

Someone named u/Fiesta412 shared their experience of people like this and we think they nailed it.

My partner deals in antiques and reselling items. This sadly is the kind of the regular shit people in the online reselling community to.

It is really so common. You wouldn’t believe the threats sent to my partner because someone posted “first” or “Next” on instagram and then didn’t get it to resell. We laugh. They will take legal action. Blah. Blah. Blah. That they already listed the item and sold it so it must be sent. It’s laughable. But they rely on people being bullied so they can flip a buck.

Luckily my partner’s parents have done this for 30 years so we have seem scams before they are mainstream. People like this want to intimidate small time sellers.

This type of online listers is aggressive and mean. They lie. Ignore them. They are also the first to scam you if they can. You probably are lucky you didnt deal with her. She would have filed a missing package claim or that the item was used & sent back a package with a different item.

Trust me. These are the people who do it. You did the right thing. Ignore that and be happy you did not deal with them.

Good advice.


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