Someone left a poo logbook in an Airbnb – and people have been filling it in

Over now to Redditor u/MusicFerret, who has news from the world of short-term renting …

“My Airbnb came with a “Poo Logbook” with over 100 entries by guests.”

It raises far more questions than answers.

Who left the logbook – the owner or a previous guest?

Is it a joke or does somebody have a medical condition of the bowels and is now missing serious poo information?

Why, oh why would the Airbnb guests decide to fill in such a thing – or handle it in any way?

Let’s take a closer look.

That wipes out any possibility of it being anything other than a joke. Here are a few thoughts from Reddit users.

Could have just called it the Logbook, tbh.

That’s some quality shit posting

I don’t know why you’re even touching the book. Keeping in mind people touched it right after dropping a deuce.

I’m over here worried about the people who take three or fewer shits PER WEEK….


Well, there’s a guy who thinks his shit don’t stink.
Guess he failed his COVID test.

That book has seen some shit.

Sure hope you drowned that hand in sanitizer.

Captain’s log, Stardate 4524.2…

Can I opt out of doing this? My only hang-up about this is my inability to draw in any capacity. You’ll just get a little message that says “it looked like shit”.

MusicFerret addressed some frequently asked questions.

To answer your questions:

Yes this is real.

There are over 50 entries.

Yes, this is a shit post.

EDIT: No, I will not go through all the poop data and post it to r/dataisbeautiful

That’s a pity. Someone could have put the info in a spreadshit.


This thread of hilariously detailed instructions in an Airbnb is a proper jaw-dropper

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