These restaurant house rules proved a little too much for people to swallow

Meanwhile, on r/mildlyinfuriating, a restaurant’s attitude has rubbed u/TheJedibugs up the wrong way, provoking them into a post they’ve named –

Gonna skip a restaurant who has “rules” as the first page of their menu, thanks

Here’s the offending menu. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Or taking, possibly.

They may have slightly misjudged the jokey tone they were going for, if u/TheJedibugs’ reaction is anything to go by. It didn’t impress other Reddit users much, either.

18% on groups of 5 or more, but no parties larger than 4.

Hey there’s exceptions to every rule.

Unless you have allergies.

Restaurant owner: If you happen to have an allergic reaction to one of our dishes you will be immediately escorted outside to have your “I can’t breathe tantrum”. Remember we are about fun in this establishment.

When I saw the piece about zero modifications to menu items that likely means everything is pre-made so it gets reheated and that’s it. That would be the only way a place could do zero modifications.

I mean, you’re assuming they can’t. I’m assuming, based on the confrontational menu, that they can, but they won’t.

They failed to mention your car gets towed after 90 minutes napping or not.

Rule #11 All patrons must have fun. Expression of fun includes smiling, laughing, and not complaining about above rules.

The REMEMBER: this is supposed to be fun! is hilarious in context. Does Monica Geller run this restaurant?

Imagine Barack Obama showing up for his reservation with Michelle and he is like, “Sorry babe, you gotta wait in the car, no parties bigger than 4, they won’t push tables together, and I gotta have my security detail here.”

I hope there’s a 90-minute timer at every table.

The whole page is just pure cringe and entitlement

“Remember, you only eat because WE allow you!”

F*** this place lmfao.

That entire rule list is written by some super passive aggressive person who’s just annoyed they work in the food service industry at all and have to deal with human beings… time to switch careers buddy.

Those are all weird but what always gets me with places is when they say “NO modifications” like bruh, item #8 looks great but I just don’t really like lettuce. Maybe take just that off? No? Screw me I’ll eat what I get? What is this my childhood dinner table? I’m paying for the food lol.

Here’s your $17 martini. By the way, you have 7 more minutes. Enjoy!

The ten demandments.

Thou shall not eat there.

Don’t covet thy neighbors plate.

Thou shalt not reserve unless thy are Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

u/speakdiddly spoke for quite a few commenters.

I think the unmeasurable amount of sass makes this way more infuriating than the rules itself.

And u/somecatgirl had a plan.

If I’m dining at this place I’m saving up all my farts to blast off at whoever made this list.

That stinks.


This restaurant’s response to a customer’s dietary needs is off the scale ridiculous

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