This explosive attempt to make a comedy fart card just gets better and better

We didn’t wake up wanting to make a comedy fart card but now we can’t stop thinking about it (well, we might exaggerate just a little bit).

But it is very impressive stuff.

‘Just kept getting better,’ said Redditor Castor_volk.

Just kept getting better
by u/Castor_volk in funny

And just in case you were wondering!

‘Dialogue, if anyone cares:

‘I found a squishy butt sticker *(edit) at a 100 yen shop*. I’m gonna modify it and make an artificial fart device.

‘First, take a picture of myself. Print it out and this is the cutout.

‘Next stick on the butt sticker and drill in a straw. Prepare an air duster and when connected to the straw , it’s complete.

‘Well then, let’s press the air duster. pfftttftffftt pfftttputputputpffffftff excellento.

‘I recommend sending it to someone special.’

What a gas.

‘Even the translation just kept getting better.’

‘They should just sell cans already like that, they’d make a killing.’

‘My life finally has purpose! Thank you, Japan!’


Source Reddit u/Castor_volk