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Fancy a back-breaking farm job that pays in onions?

Redditor u/ediexplores spotted a bit of a cheap job offer and shared it on r/ChoosingBeggars – though it might have been a better fit on r/Antiwork.

Would you take them up on their offer?

These Reddit users weren’t keen.


What if I want onions, shallots, AND garlic? I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck!


And I’m sure you will need to harvest your “payment” also.

Ah and when you’re at it, bring the rest of the harvest in.


Sorry, my bank only accepts turnips 🤷‍♀️


This is perfect for all of you vampire hunters out there.


Imagine if all businesses only paid in their product. I work in a copy shop, can you imagine how many cases of printer paper I would have at home right now? I imagine I’d have to spend all of my free time asking to trade a ream of paper for milk or bread. What a terrible system.


I work on real estate. Gonna ask my job to pay me in product.


If only, instead of bartering, there were some sort of method for payment where a symbolic token would take the form of such goods and then could be exchanged for other goods or services.


I would never take this person up on their offer, but if I did, I would tell them, “I will plant onions, shallots, OR garlic, but not all three, since you only pay in one.”


I’d do this volunteering at a nonprofit for a few hours, no way I’d give away this level of work just so someone else can make money off it.


This isn’t uncommon in my rural neighborhood where everyone has 2-5 acres. I help 3-4 of the elderly neighbors with their gardens every year, and in return my husband and I get tons of veggies, fruits, and fresh honey. This works well on a community level, but I can’t imagine trying to hire strangers for garlic and onions.😂



LacyGreen wasn’t entirely against the idea – for some people.

I feel like if I was older, retired and just wanted to plant and hang with people I might do this.

jswizzle91117 did some calculations.

I was just thinking …depending on the variety, some of those last months or even up to a year when properly stored. How many shallots are we talking? Onions are cheap but I use them in most meals, so if I can get paid in 6 months worth of onions, it’s a fair deal. 5lbs of onions gets you 30 minutes, an hour if you pay for my gas.

Up-N2-no-good came in with the bottom line.

Can I pay rent in garlic? I suppose I wouldn’t need food because I’ll be drowning in garlic?


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