Sam Ryder curried favour with Scott Mills by singing his Indian restaurant order

Eurovision fever has gripped the continent already – as well as Australia, which is an honorary European country for the purposes of the contest.

The party is in full swing in Liverpool and the first 10 acts have made it through to the final. Tweeters were fully on board.

Of course, the contest is being held in the UK because Sam Ryder was last year’s runner-up to Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra – and Ukraine obviously can’t host while the war continues.

Scott Mills, who is covering the contest for BBC Radio 2, had Sam in the studio – and this happened.

@scottmills Proof that @Sam Ryder can make anything sound great! This is how my Indian order sounds to #spaceman #Eurovision2023 ♬ original sound – scottmills

That’s what it means to have good taste in music. Here are a few reactions we enjoyed.

well he defo doesn’t have any cavities…Great voice x

Not just the voice, but to make the words fit the music too was incredibly well done off the cuff

And this is the new Just Eat advert
Johnny Dancer

This really made me giggle
Sarah Jarvis8043

Layla <3

That’s nuts but good

He needs to sing Smithy’s order from Gavin and Stacey 🥹
Lando and the Human

We get it, Joseph Naylor613. We totally get it.

Now I want a curry.


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