This funny Spirit Airlines flight attendant turns the safety talk into high comedy

Just because you have to sit through the safety talk and flight instructions, doesn’t mean they have to be boring, as this flight attendant from the US budget airline, Spirit, expertly demonstrates.

It’s blurry – but it’s the audio that matters.

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You cannot smoke on board, but don’t worry. If y’all need to smoke, step out on the wing – if you can light it, we’ll let you smoke it.

TikTok users loved her patter as much as the passengers had.

She’s great! Stand up comedy with your flight.

Former Disney Jungle Cruise host now working the friendly skies. 😂

This flight attendant deserves a raise. She calmed nerves using humor.

Too funny, too bad they aren’t all like this!
Violet West

Best flight attendant speech ever

We need this everywhere! I’m tired with boring stuff and routine on other airlines.

She almost made me want to fly Spirit. Almost 😂 Very funny.
Tina Banta

Anginely Ortiz indulged in a bit of speculation.

And then Spirit fired her for putting them down! 😂. I heard she’s applying at Delta.


This fabulously savage flight attendant took the sass sky high

Source @borderflight1406 Image @borderflight1406, Carnaby Gilany on Unsplash