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People weren’t convinced by Nigel Farage’s reaction to England’s win, but one response was savagely relatable

As you can’t have avoided knowing by now, the England men’s team has made it into the final of the Euros. They will face the formidable Spain on Sunday night.

The man who scored a last-minute deadlock breaker, Ollie Watkins, had this to say.

Congratulations flooded the internet, including messages from some very famous people.

The Lionesses, who know how the men are feeling, shared their good wishes.

There was even a tongue-in-cheek message from the King.

Of course, Nigel Farage posted about it.

It’s coming home.

It rang a little hollow for some.

This response from Henry Morris, who was previously The Secret Tory, was a 50-yard screamer straight into the back of the net.

As well as striking a nerve with Farage fans, his comment struck a chord with everyone else.






Barry Ellis reminded us all of a previous football comment from Farage.

Sounds more like the Nigel we know and don’t love.


The England fans serenading Gareth Southgate’s German police doppelgänger is simply joyous for all involved

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