Nothing will prepare you for the difference between American news and Scottish news

It may only be 12 seconds, but this clip says so much – and we can guarantee you won’t predict the end.

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Only in Dundee m8 only in Dundee
Stingy Hornet

Well, Fox News definitely isn’t news and Jeanine Pirro isn’t a journalist. But this is funny…
Jeff Mason

She’s like the news reader from a dystopian sci-fi film.
Anthony bunchofnumbers

😳😳😳 Did anyone ask him why he crossed the road? 😂

The way she said “a chicken” sent me. 😂😂😂

UK news is so random 😂
Dan the hunting man

How did they keep a straight face 😂

Fiona cut to the chase

Justice for the chicken! 😭😂

To put everyone’s mind at rest, this is how Tayside Police reported the incident on Facebook.

‘Officers were in East Marketgait, Dundee at 8.30 this morning after reports of a chicken trying to cross the road and giving passing motorists cause for concern.

The bird was traced safe and well and has been brought to our police station. The SSPCA has been contacted and will be attending to take care of the chicken until the owner is traced.

Police are appealing for any information as to why the chicken was crossing the road.’

And here it is –


The clip of this guy caught doing a ‘James Bond’ pose live on BBC News is today’s best thing

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