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Rishi Sunak had to choose between his favourite England footballers and it was just as painful as you’d imagine – 15 on the ball responses

Ordinary guy Rishi Sunak – a real man of the people – is back doing election things online, so get into position for another body-contorting cringe.

This time the PM is choosing between England football players from over the years. And clearly, it always goes well when Sunak gets involved with football.

Let’s just say the man made some choices. A lot of them involving Matt “Le Tizzier”.

If you can’t watch the video now, the PM picks:

Lineker over Gascoigne
Shearer over Lineker
Le Tissier over Shearer
Le Tissier over Lampard
Le Tissier over Saka
Le Tissier over Rooney
Bellingham over Le Tissier
Beckham over Bellingham
Beckham over Bobby Moore!
Kane over Beckham

Here are a selection of the responses.